Custom Oak Shaker Peg Rail

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Custom length solid oak shaker coat rack/peg rail, handmade in Devon. The shaker coat racks/peg rails are built to last and perfect for hanging your coats in hallways, hanging mugs it kitchens or useful storage in a utility or boot room.

This peg rail can be made long enough for 3 to 21 pegs.  Longer lengths can be made up of two or more sections.

Every peg rail is custom made to order, so if you have a specific space you need to fit the rail into, I can space the desired number of pegs across that length.

The pegboard and shaker pegs are made from solid oak. They are finished with a clear wax to keep them clean and bring out the beauty of the grain.
If you want to paint or stain them I can also supply them unwaxed.
They come with countersunk holes for attaching to your wall.  Fixings are provided along with wooden plugs to cover the screw heads.
Please add your phone number in the order notes so I can give it to the delivery driver.
If you have any questions, let me know and I will advise the best option.

As a guide, I usually leave two inches at each end, then space the pegs at 4 inch intervals.

So a 3 peg rail would be 12 inches long, 4 pegs 16 inches, 5 pegs 20 inches  (multiply the number of pegs by 4 to give you the total length)

If you have a particular space that you would like your peg rail to fit please let us know the dimensions, if not then refer to the sizing details below for set lengths.