Carved House Sign

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Bespoke hand carved wooden signs available in a variety of sizes and fonts. I have always loved typography and anything to do with wood - carved signs are my favourite item to make, requiring patience, skill and a technique I’ve been honing for the last twenty years.

My personalised house signs are designed, drafted and carved by hand, using traditional methods and without the use of modern routers or CNC machinery.

Each sign I carve is unique, designed in partnership with my clients, who can decide which font, what size and style they want their sign to look like, adding a timeless and understated sign for their home that will stand the test of time and weather gracefully for decades.

Using small chisels and rifling files allows me to carve deep valleys and fine details, working with any font and sizing.

Please let us know if you have specific sign dimensions, don't worry if you don't - we work to the optimum length for the number of letters. The oak boards I use are up to 20cm tall (7.8 inches) and any length as desired.  Taller signs available upon request.

The finished carved sign is treated with a colourless wood preserve to protect and ensure longevity, whilst allowing the wood to weather and silver naturally over time.   The wood preserve can be reapplied over the years as desired.

Please let us know the house name you require carving:
Please let us know if you have specific sign dimensions, don't worry if you don't, we will send you drafts once you have completed your order.
Please let us know if you have any further comments